CornFucius II

by CornBread

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released 01 April 2014

(A. Joyce), (D. Marriott), (A. Middleton), (M. Nelson), (B. Marriott)



all rights reserved


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Track Name: N'lightenment II
As I take a look in tha sky, and try to reply, with these lines
Feeling confined, to tha sign, of tha times
That rewinds in tha mind, see tha vibrant divine, lite bright
As defined, and it shines, so we rise
To tha grind commended by, tha likely mention swine
Behind tha rich that climb, left for dead and hidden by
And signed tha given prime directive, civil crimes
In time, from sticks and knives, to soldiers in a fight
Wit 9's that's picking lives at will, that would've died but still
They shoulda tried to chill, to secret files unveiled
That theives and lies whuts hailed, beneath tha high compelled
To seek and find yo hell, and if he dies, oh well
If he survives go tell, in scenes defined so well
Til people find yo tale, to be inspired for their
Beliefs to climb those tiers, free and high on air
Release to be believed in he that sees in mind so clear
So please conceive tha decency to be on high for there
Is easily, achievabley tha dream inside your head
That's visually, and physically felt in time, no dred
If negative is whuts perceived, then he will lose those bets
Wipe me down no 'Dex, write me out those checks
Hype and loud on jets, piping gals, oh Yes
Riding out, no Lex, if Courtney's down 4 Gents
Are gonna ride road trip, now we out and coasting

This is tha world we born in
So pursue tha truth, musically getting Bleu like Corbin
Tha dude in Coon, abusing geeks absorbing juice like Rogue then
And constant brews I'm pouring, I'm Thomas moving forward
On tracks I'm doing more than, a clock in group of foreman
When chopping dudes in forehead, Til lots of bruise and sore, it's
Like top 2 and Toward, as I'm Bruce and scoring
A counter hit, up out a bitch I gotta prove wit torment
They gonna lose or forfeit, Or feel a gruesome forced fist
As ass assassinations comes from never doing chore lists
Tha easy target, is who tha city markets
That's why I'm spitting raw shit, in plenty pretty often
Tha ball just gimme toss him, caught it Kenny Lofton
Forever own to better omens, because you see I'm Walken
Yes in deed, I'm talking, destiny, I fault them
for being stuck and off in, a false space a saulking
Get a grip like Falken, As all your engine parts then
Work in syncracy to secretly compete in Long Dis
Tances, repeat tha offense then its, a basic recipe
To run in all instances, leave them susceptibly
Believing hog shit then get, mad and all pissed when it
Goes wrong then it shifts, into a strong incident
Out of all this attempt, to banish all ignorance
It's not at all simple its, to have and draw influence and after all this you is...
Track Name: Specific Design
Verse 1

There's a lot that goes into perfecting tha craft
Think of hope as a Yacht boat and less of a raft
One must draw out a plan with a section to graph
Then explore outside those boxes, while objecting tha daft
After those come persistence and perseverance
Remember when faced with blocks consistent to hurt tha spirit
Aim to tha top, till you hit your preferring clearance
Just verbal review when used as assertive lyrics
To word it different, put in work and tha time
If tha light at tha end is whut you determined to find
Plus no change comes from a conservative mind
Tha bigger tha base, tha higher u go so search your designs
In however yo sculpt your statue of liberty
Don't hide behind a lie if thats your ability
Cuz those that don't get it, think you act in senility
Until thats tha standard, then they act like they feeling 'em


So sickening wit mine
Cause thats how I envision my specific design
Whut was once known as explicit, in time
Will become a part of history and is then divine

Verse 2

If you tired than know
That tha wider your base, tha higher you go
When equated to tha knowledge you seek
Tha more you know to more you grow to tha top of tha peak
Conquer your baddest fear, to breach tha stratosphere
Midnight train, just like its Glady's here
Stick to tha vision sent whenever you render it
And give flavor as a greek and asian ginger mix
Peep your blueprint to make sure when u produce it
It stands on its own so people don't confuse it
With another vision erected, neglected
To Inspectah Deck where tha neck is, protect it
When recollected, people bare witness
To reflected naked scenes of their image
After we declare finish start observing tha view
An artist work is never done, it's just that it's due

Track Name: Quite
Verse 1

Don't ring tha alarm
Its just Bread again rap singing his song
Attackin mad class, if you meet me at LARS
Fresh to def too, best believe that I'm sharp
Let me think of some bars.....
(incoherent mumbling)
....lemonade and tea, yeah I'm drinkin tha 'Palms
In thought, trying to see who I'ma sleep wit tomorr(ow)
It'll pop like a pringle if I sneak in tha drawls
Or if tha chicks single, then I'm eaten ya moms
Put seed in her first then fall asleep in her arms
Tha next morning, puking in tha sink and distraught
Were you thinking or not
No I was supposed to hit tha stink and forgot
Cuz I was off that drink and cheifing tha pot
And hollered at a chick in Mitsubishi Galant
Niggery is leaning reachin tha speed of a knot
Mobstaz Lobster getting eaten
By tha examiner of famine or tha damager of inner feeling
And now we're here and dealing, only if we is willing
To get treated like back when we used to be a children
If not, I let GOD, so he can do tha dealing
Tha sheep with DNA materially filled in
These cats get curiously willed and
Too fast, thats whut furiously kills them
To tha damn tree, spiritually healing
Like Banshee, tha Wolverine's appealing
Tha Lord has blessed me tho, but no sneezing
Wit power to spit tha flows below freezing
Blowing this wax to dome and feel breezy
Can't leave that alone tha tree needs me
Gratitude to add a mood to be pleasing
But tha attitude, is that of a nigga thats E Eazy
And Supreme, King me
To B Rad like Angelines BD
Cuz I give tha shit that makes you sick to tha Pitt
When ya stomach, runs a hundred miles a minutes and shit
But I love to love it, not a Timbaland hit
Tha new sheriffs in town when tha emblem fit
Swing sharp things as a pendulum rips
Thru these cock smokers tha injure tha dicks


Its Quite necessary,
That I go for greatness til I'm quite legendary
Not quite next then very soon, RIGHT? and assumed quite
rested in tha moonlight, so tha dudes hype

Verse 2

Fuck Chainz, gimmie 2 mics, and 3 woman
But make sure that 2's white, and a British
Chick, mixed to an assumed light, skinned mixture
From a black dude who liked, French bitches
For these intentions, of porn reading scriptures
Then pray to tha Lord, conforming from sinner
Protein will hit them, then More Please
Addicted to whut tha dick did like Morphine
Rock you like a hurricane, not like tha Scorpeens
Va-JJ gets slain, whenever whores fiend
Until I dehydrate them, like poor thing
In tha West, its Les fall, and More Spring
So sit up, as tha strength of tha core brings
A bombing that'll tear threw ya armies and war teams
To bring an end to ya tough day
Releasing some tension, so body aint left strained
Lets go tho, in tha Jogo, why lets play
And see who's tha real Capoeira Maestre
As kicks divide you in half, like Jefe
Figure to beating kids down in tha best way
Getting guns in tha mail on next day
Cuz I'm about that life, lets just say
On vaca, sippin free brew and coladas
In a lawn chair gone, Hakuna Matata
Track Name: 'Nex & 'Dex (feat. K-Free)
Verse 1: CornBread

This God hand isn't Tekken like
But tha type to threaten life, so this time you better fight
He who cast tha first rock, gets a soft plot
When me and my Jewish niggaz beat yo ass, off top
Cuz that's how I Dog Niggaz
Until they're euthanized and whut u call quitters
Great stinkin, is whut's in all rillas
Call me Abe Lincoln known as Log Splitta
Burning backwoods, until it's smog in tha
Air, then inhaled deep, but never coughing up
Lungs, then munch down a small dinner
Of Gyro meat then finish off a tall miller
Or a hot steely Danza
Rollin Maximas, cuz I'm not feeling Stanzas
No dirt if there's a chance of a tan bruh
Meaning that there will be enough heat to cause Cancer

Verse 2: CornBread

OBJECTION!!! to tha daft bust
Because brothas half suck, and smell of poopy ass butt
Spit Presidential, William Howard Taft Stuff
So in tha rap race niggaz getting past up
Bitchen to tha Wichen, get ya craft up
Before I bring a social D to these Crass punks
Nigga, Fuck that, that shit got me trashed, dizzy like its jazz when you catch me doing dabs, Whut?
Six feet wit they ass tuxed
Just to prove how much I give on tha last fuck
Left jab no Zab punch
Sipping tha ferminted cuz tha apples was a bad bunch
Then people say it's bad once
Ya break like tha cat in yellow and black trunks
Leaving fat lumps
On anyone that doesn't do exactly whut this black wants

Verse 3: K-Free

It's something so spectacular, about tha way this vernacular
Roll off tha tongue, she spit it they get to dappin' her
Haters get mad, I'm all on they neurovascular
I'm like raps Dracula, fangs for any challenger
Who's ready for this pure pandemonium, I'm preaching from tha podium
Take over your auditorium
I got this place pressurized like blood wit too much sodium
Or gay guys when they see butt cracks and petroleum (pause)
That was a joke, I'm just seeing if you paying attention
If you want more I got more offensive shit I could mention
How 'bout I spare you, 'fore you be like how dare you
AFter your peeps Jordan'd up, niggaz cuz we Air you, Out
Without a doubt, homie I hold clout
Send you to boot city for you running your mouth
I'm tha Queen B, indeed you should believe
Gimme tha 'nex & 'dex to T tha G's Pre...
Track Name: Weednap
Tha will in this
Is a lot especially when emplimenting, ya system, Pat Militech
So deal against
Tha stuff you meant in separating, tha distance that feeling in
Moments of bliss
When tha art in this, is like Spartucus against tha Romans attempts
Lobes get enfixed
But at times I can get scared as a novice admits
I just pretend, that there's no fear
I'm just a man, I control here
In my mind, whut I accept
As reality, and nothing less
If I do perceive that
I'll meditate, smoke sum, take a weed nap
To let go and let GOD
Steer it in tha right way, otherwise, its just odd

Everythings better when u chill in tha mind state convinced of your ignorant bliss
Cause being calm trumps being irate, so you can remember your figment bits
If your memory blips, forget about it and move to tha next thing
Then you free yourself loose, to space and fly like tha X wing..

Ask for food for thought, dinner comes
How do you go about these days to get 'er done
Sometimes it varies, but tha question is
Why are we here, and how do I get thru this
Canal to scream that loud sound then next you is
In that thing called being influenced by effluence
Teach you wrong, then put you out and say get thru it
But I decline tha Nike Sign slogan to just do it
To fail and get ruined
Recalibrate, then graduate tha best student
My carbon imprint leaves a global scar
As I hope for far reaches of man with no regard
To noble guards or holders of oval parts
That truly understand their purpose is total gnar
Beginnings of stoning, that where tha opal starts
Then migrates it's hungry self right into tha local mart