3 (Just to have fun) - feat. TJ Byrd

by CornBread

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Verse 1 (TJ Byrd)

Girls just wanna have fun but most niggas just wanna get buns
and if I had a dollar for all that tried to holla then I'd probably have oprah funds
I just wanna chill for real even though that word is use backwards
I won't try and cop a feel or make shit awkward or say some wild shit that comes off absurd lady's looking like sure
we all have the urge gotta stay in control so if it's dinner then a movie that's means I won't stick through the popcorn bowl
we can make hook up history if so let's go
so if yall smoke piff girls roll it up
cause my niggas got sip girl pour a cup
I use to only wanna score the cat was the end zone
but this the only time that I'll be in the friend zone


We don't have to take off our clothes, at all just to have fun
(Sippin) Off a 5th of that rum
(smoking) off that piff from that blunt
Whether sober or drunk its on, we all kicking back cuz
We all didn't have none
Calling so just act up

Verse 2 (CornBread)

No click and clack guns
Get just tha bros or ya bests over for X and O's no kiss and mad hugs
And tha jist to have fun
Let just collab funds
And go to tha store, get pork in a smorgasbord, i mean intense and mad grub
Then thank HIM for that stuff
Say ya grace then, you make an AMEN, nothing foul out unless it flagrant
Random shouts to tha fam you makin, rekindle old flames as a candle take them
Wax hits, You cough to get off, match this, kush up in this Raw
Matches, ignite then were gone, off papers, or a blunt a Pipe or wit bongs
Don't smoke then it's very simple, if you don't drink get a Shirley temple
To get ya dance on at a surly tempo, Wit an anorexic chick or burly bimbo
Wit a beard like early Kimbo, Herb and Cisco
Got me partying wit different kinds of crackers and preferred nabiscos
Tha turd is this tho, Word it is dope, not sherm and indo, control tha advantage like you're Nintendo
No N.W.A.'s unless you're Ren tho, Get ya stuff straight like perm and then go,
Get off monk, and get on one, get off butt, and get on fun
It's all love when we grilling out, wit blazing beef and big ol Buns



released 29 January 2015

A. Middleton, T. Byrd



all rights reserved


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