Just Rhymes (Prod. by Dr. Quinn)

by CornBread

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Doing this, blow like Vesuvius
Snow like Peruvian, Show like tha movie is
Hit nicest Gludious
From back where all tha booty is
Attack Call of Duty shit
Smackin ya black off
Get bruised and then back off
Pout and then act salt
Comin from tha verbal chatter combatant that jacks off
Kind of a black boss
To beef u just add sauce
Eatin then pass off
Igniting then blast off
In space wit a mask off
Breathin tha space mist
Gettin a face lift, off of this great spliff
Get caught in a space rift, that feels like tha matrix
Tha presence relates gift, tomorrow replaces
Today and it makes sense, we started from basement
As far as we take it, till stars we be placed wit
God like Mase is
From drums and bass kicks, runnin my paces
In rap relay wit, tha spat we sayin

Man, I stay wit pot,
bring spray in spots
until i slay hip hop
And in laymans mop,
every mc that runs whut Nick Sabans taught,
then ima chain and lock
Me some steak and lobster, plus bagels, lox,
on a table top
wit other stable crops.
It rocks... Ronald Reagans Plot
while nurturing fables mocked
by certain disabled fronts
murkin for names in fonts
purposely made for cunts
workin tha days or months to raise your wants of victory thru plays or punts
I ain't raising Gumps, or hazing runts that grow to be seen as amazing chumps
Show up in court it won't be from blazing dunks,
It'll be from crazy knucks that wants nun like a lady monks,
I am the captain but I'm not saving her
Even if offered her labia, and clit from a radiant chick from Arabia

I've had enough of that
House nigga monkey rap
Over a funky track
But its sounds like they not wiping front to back
No I ain't talkin Mickey D's when I'm loving that
Bustin these syllables
After roasting a little bowl
Get along little dogs
Tha age old riddle goes
Until its tha end of roads
To lose I been opposed
Most of these men is hoes
Getting and lickin poles
Suckin wit they slob
That is they day job
To open and say AH
Whut has it come to
No pun
Bread is so dumb
Bustin wit no guns
I plead tha fif like 4 quarters and 4 ones
….So um
After a little bit
Goin to get a chick
And suck on her tittle lits, unless she got tiggle bits
That is tha sentiments
Giving them venom spit
until they are getting dicked


released 26 March 2015

A. Middleton, I. Winston



all rights reserved


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