1. Absolutely Brilliant (Prod. by Toy Hu$tle)

  2. Trolley Car (prod. by LieuK)

  3. Monsters feat. J.T.N. (Prod. by Toy Hu$tle)

  4. Vandals feat. KFree & J.T.N. (Prod. by Toy Hu$tle)

  5. Topanga Lawrence (Prod. by Toy Hu$tle)

  6. Youth

  7. Pretty Polly feat. D.B. Cooper (Prod. by Louis Rich)

  8. #Staycooned (Prod. by ScrewK)

  9. Self-Awareness

  10. Wonderfly (Prod. by Louis Rich)

  11. Sundae Fundae (feat. Simp7)

  12. MetLife

  13. Rotate (Prod. by Louis Rich)

  14. Emily J (Swangin 2)

  15. Country Run (Prod. by Louis Rich)

  16. Catch Tha Beat (feat. Dr. Quinn)

  17. Why (feat. Black Dynamite)

  18. Lo Mein (feat. Dojo Dungeon)

  19. Sun of yo Sol

  20. Ecks V. Severs (Prod. by Pen Pointz)

  21. Mega Man S***

  22. NEGRO (Negligent Efforts Give Radical Opposition)

  23. Still Breathing (Prod. by Louis Rich)

  24. S Those G's (feat. Katie Shorey)

  25. Munchausen (feat. A-F-R-O & K-Free)

  26. Soulish (Prod by. OmniVibe)

  27. Don't Need That (feat. Tj Byrd)

  28. G Stuff (feat. Chase Baby

  29. Xbox Achievement (feat. Katie Shorey)

  30. We Out Here

  31. Sunday Work (Prod. by Louis Rich)

  32. Gypsy Wine (Prod. by LieuK)

  33. Blue Dream (Prod. by Louis Rich)

  34. Nightshade feat. Simp7

  35. N a Slump (Prod. by Louis Rich)

  36. Gems feat. Tj Byrd & K-Free

  37. Backseat (feat. Simp7)

  38. Their Song (Prod. by Louis Rich)

  39. Get Buck/Donatello (Prod. by Louis Rich/Dr. Quinn)

  40. Just Rhymes (Prod. by Dr. Quinn)

  41. Not Much (Prod. by Louis Rich)

  42. Blackie Chan (Prod. by D$)

  43. Scrotation Marks (Prod. by Dr. Quinn)

  44. Romance with Life (Prod. by Jesta)

  45. Whine & Cheese (Prod. by Louis Rich)

  46. All About (H.E.R.) - Prod. by Louis Rich

  47. N My Barry White Voice (Prod. by Dr. Quinn)

  48. 3 (Just to have fun) - feat. TJ Byrd

  49. Face

  50. When You Munch That Carpet,

  51. Airplane Mode (Prod. by Choo E.)

  52. Disrespectful II (feat. Co-Pilots)
    CornBread feat. Co-Pilots

  53. Grown & Sexy N-strumentals

  54. Full Body O's

  55. Exhilarated feat. Ceptember (Prod. by Toy Hu$tle)

  56. CornFucius II

  57. CornFucius

  58. Leftover Bread Vol. 2


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