Absolutely Brilliant (Prod. by Toy Hu​$​tle)

by CornBread

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Tha Pregame, and I ain't talkin Atari or Coleco
I'm talking that after you get ready, and pour yo ass a drink foe
You go out and turn up, no veggies in tha mix
Just steady and ready to Jam like teddy in this mix
Confetti fall, DJ cuttin, Machetes in tha mix
To get crunk, we get ready wit tha liq
In a state where you know no wrong, Double O knows bongs
After warming up with a couple games of 4 loko pong
No SoCo Dog, I'm entertaining drankin tha Jamison
Combined with tha sour taste that stays up there with a lemon
Mild induced inebriation no states of raging when
I am slowly polishing a glass of anything tha same as Henn
Something to take grips as playing a crane game that wins
On cheap nights Vodka and Rum are tha same thang as Gin
Grab a bottle and some weed, tell yo friend to bring a friend
Excited that tonight tha night is right, so let tha games begin

This is tha pre-game, get ready to hang
Identical days but tha liqs never the same
Where everyone's down just to blaze some dro
Or down to sip Crown wit no place to go

Niggaz have clitrus, still mission half a coochie
We chill in like villain, so brilliant absolutely
If Yitches is giving, we getting ass from groupies
No sticks and no stems in, Nigga pass tha doobie
If so, you deseed tha materials like a cotton gin
As Frequently tuned frequency gets boosted from tha bottom end
To never less get a better rest wit feet up on an automan
To top this, is profits that I clutch when I pocket them
No shifty shit, but to try and get me whipped
You must be gone off pixie sticks, while listening to dixie Chicks
I'm beating cats that think they have a leopards hold
Then excersice tha muscles so I can have a second go
Give it to a naked pro, Smashing raw, Yes or no
My peck protect just like my neck, I'm Inspectah Deckin hoes
Then wrecking those, will learn another lesson or
Tune in at tha same time next week for tha episode


released December 31, 2015
A. Middleton, T. Hu$tle



all rights reserved